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Random drops to 5 fps with invisible walls and objects inside buildings every 5 minutes or so
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I am experiencing a new issue which occurs randomly that brings my fps down to around 5 fps (compared to the normal 30). When this happens the screen will flicker briefly which is followed by the low fps and also objects rendering incorrectly. When I am inside a building when this happens, all of the walls and objects inside of the building turn invisible so I have a difficult time navigating (not that 5 fps is playable). I have figured out that enabling or disabling vsync (whichever it is not currently set to) will cause the game to reload everything and it is back to normal. I have not gone longer than 5 minutes without this happening. I have attached a screen shot of what the inside of a building looks like after everything turns invisible.. (notice it is raining inside of that building as well)


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Run around for a few minutes (seems to be more common in the city but who knows..)

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I have attached a compressed version of the DayZ file at C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local as well

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Hi Kadardes,
we are aware of this issue and attempting to resolve it. Please refer to #0017013 for further information.
Thank you,