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Restarting server lists others as "friends"
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Summary pretty much says it. I was on 'idle thumbs', it restarted, I waited a bit and refreshed to see "7 friends playing", none of which are my friends.


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Hi shadowfu,

Does this issue occur every time you play on the server or did it only happen that one time after the server restart?



This happened again last night, but for a different server (-Yippie Kiyay-, also in the photo). It seems to only happen after a restart, but I wasn't playing on -Yippie- at the time, I was on =WoO= and it had just restarted.

Thanks for getting back on this issue. I've notified the devs of the issue and they informed me that it could very well be due to cached data that "pops up" on the server during the restart cycle. I'll keep the issue open also in case it turns into a major issue over time.

Cool beans. I talked to some teammates last night and they had similar experiences - I guess I'm the only one that's going to turn it into a bug report :)

Keep up the good work.

After I started playing Dayz, my Steam / friends says now

Friends: 21 / 295

21 of which are really friends that I have added. I have no idea (or don't know how to check), who the rest of these 295 "friends" that I have acquired are.

Is this the same issue?