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Zombies were able to attack me (through walls?) when I couldn't see them.
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Had initially respawned, and was carelessly running around looking for loot, and I came across a couple of zombies. I initially noticed a military and vanilla zombie as I was in a house, I attempted to trap them in the house, but I think I only succeeded in trapping the vanilla zombie. I then ran to a nearby appartment, closed the doors, I think just in time to keep the military zombie out. I could not see said zombie inside, but the military zombie was able to attack me. I went into another room, and saw the zombie doing the attack animation outside, and this corresponded to me getting damaged. Realizing there was a glitch, I attempted to run upstairs up two flights of stairs to avoid the zombie, to no avail. I ran down one flight of stairs, and saw two zombies both appearing to attack the wall, but their attacks were hitting me.


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Unfortunatly, this has only happened once, and not in response to me doing anything particular, so I do not know how I would be able to reproduce this.

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Sorry for the long description, not sure how else to describe it. Has only happened once, but felt it was pretty significant.

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It happened to me. I got hit by a zombie standing besides the stairs, in a prison. I was low blood, so he killed me with one swing.

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This happens to me frequently. I've locked myself inside several times and had zombies attack me through walls and from different floors. I have also had them glitch through the walls and come in and attack me as well.