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All characters spawn just south of Vybor, naked, damp and cold.
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All characters for all players on an Australian server are spawning next to a bridge south of Vybor, naked, damp and cold. This happens 100% of the time to all players (we had a camper camping the spot with an SKS fresh killing us naked buggers.)


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Server: AUS/NZ Savage Lands
Mode: Hardcore

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Hello Rexhunter99,

In case you keep respawning by the bridge at Vybor, just send me a note with your Steam Profile ID url and I'll try to fix that manually. Example: ""

If you prefer to send your Steam ID url in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".



I'm still alive right now so I don't want my account to be messed up (I have a lot of good loot and stuff for once) but my friend who also got the same issue, died after two abrupt server restarts and the glitch stopped happening to him (he spawns on the coast now) I'll keep you updated for when I die next as to whether it happens or not.

It is nice that you can spawn near NW airport :)

yer i did great move that, geared up instantly lol.

All players on our server reproduce this:

Name: [Spec-Ops] Gaming DayZ SA- Recruiting @
Game: DayZ Browse: DayZ Servers
Address: Port: 2502

This is not just Australian servers, i had the same experience on a danish and a german server.

It seems the bug doesn't happen as much after a restart, most of us end up respawning on the coast if we die shortly after a server restart, but after about an hour or two, everyone begins spawning at that bridge. It's frustrating because by that time, Vybor, NW and all the places in the immediate vicinity are already picked clean of supplies... all I can find are wrenches, pliers and ducttape

Thanks again for the feedback Rexhunter99. I'll close out your issue then, but in case you need help with your character, please feel free to submit a new ticket.