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FPS suddenly drops after 10-15 minutes of gameplay.
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After playing around 10-15 minutes of DayZ, the textures suddenly become more "simpler" and the FPS drops to around 3-7 FPS.


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I have the same issue. I found a way to temporary fix this problem : When it happens, Go to your "video settings" and change for example, the "Anti-aliasing" value.

I'm pretty sure this is a "Very" common bug/issue. Everyone I know is experiencing the same thing, on super high-end and old low-end PC's, and no amount of tweaking settings fixes the issue.

It's not a hardware issue like running out of VRAM or stressing CPU/GPU too much, personally, DayZ is only using around 30-40% on my CPU, and 35-45% on my GPU's.

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this is a widespread issue which I have decided to use #0017013 for.
Please refer to that ticket for further information.