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Acts like its for a different version of windows
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Just downloaded the game from the steam network. Everything is zoomed in and acts like its a download for a different OS. I upgraded to Windows 8 (32bit disk,) Yesterday and then downloaded Dayz today (after doing a bunch of other downloads) Please help, Ive been watching vids for months and cant wait to play!


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At the main menu, click Configure -> Video -> User Interface and use the Resolution drop down list to select your resolution.

Make sure the Aspect Ratio option matches the aspect ratio of your resolution.

Close the config settings completely and return to the main menu.

Then open Config again, click Video and then select your resolution from the Rendering Resolution drop down list.

This should return your game back to normal resolution.

As you may not be able to read the text at the current resolution, this image will show you what you need to click:

It worked! thanks for sending the pic, too! Now time to tell the neighbors and work that I wont be leaving my house for a couple days, haha! Thank you!

andy added a comment.Sep 19 2014, 10:12 AM

Hello SteroidsMcGee,
happy to hear you were able to solve the issue with the information R834 has provided!
Have fun in the game,