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Hacked Ammo/Protective Cases "God Boxes" ENDLESS STORAGE AND ITEMS
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Okay so a couple nights ago in Svet me and my squad were roleplaying as the police force in our server, protecting bambis etc. We had a bandit attack and managed to kill a couple of them right before I logged out for the night. I got to one of the enemy bodies and looted it, typical script kiddy with a hacked M4. I threw the hacked weapon into the bushes to despawn and kept a protective case, which was the only thing on his body I really had any use for. I didn't check the case and just logged out for the night.

Now last night I logged in, decided to move a few things around in my inventory and opened the protective case to see how much room it had if any. Inside was a 300 round case and a grenade, I open the 300 round case to see if it has any ammo and to my surprise there are 2 more 300 round cases inside the 1st 300 round case. Open these to find a few items, hacked mags, glitched ammo, literally every item in the game except for long guns that won't fit crammed into an ENDLESS loop of cases. I decide to experiment with it a little. I had a buddy dupe me to get a copy of it we could tear apart.

We go way out in the woods, drop his duped "God Box" (I still have mine currently for this report) and start dragging the other boxes out onto the ground. We drag around 200 cases out of the one case, finally gave up on trying to get to the end. Was going to screenshot this but the server restarted before I could and I ended up logging for the night. When I get home from work tonight I plan to drag the contents out again and screenshot everything to upload to this report.

My steam login ID is chronic1484 if you would like to take a look at any of my character's information while possessing the box. I'll leave it on my character temporarily so you devs can take a look my data if needed before I throw it in a lake to de spawn with server reset. Just let me know if you need any additional information.


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No idea.

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Summary: Endless boxes that contain every item in the game except long guns (Mosin etc.) including hacked mags, hacked guns, and hacked food/medical items that never run dry. I will upload screenshots later.

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Noted, thank you. No need to keep the items on your character.

Thanks, all items are now gone from my character. Tossed everything then had my bud reset the server so it would de spawn immediately. Good luck.