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Can't use weapons when picked up from other players
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So Sometime when I kill somebody else I pick up his gun but I can not see what attachmets are on it, aim down sight or shoot with the weapon I can see the camo and the ammunition in it and I can reload it but that is it.


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1-Kill an other player
2-Get his or her gun
3-try to do something with it

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you have to loggout and relog - it will be ok. It is the similar bug as with empty bagpacks collected from killed players. You should also log out and relog in to see the objects. For bagpack you can also try to put one of your objects in the bagpack free slot and if you have luck (object put in empty slot) all objects will apear.

additionaly if you collect weapons sometimes you do not see all attachements. Also you need to logout and relog in.

Yeah I know t works when you log in and out but it is annoying because one time I killed a person with an axe and took his gun and then his buddy came in and I couldn't shoot so I got killed.

Confirmed. I gave my friend an akm yesterday and he couldn't aim down the sight or shoot. He had to relog.