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Weapon Spawns slanted, version 0.48
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When loot hunting in DayZ on any Australian/New Zealand server, the only firearms that can be found are Mosin, SKS, Makarov, AKM and AK101, the M4 and all other pistol variants don't seem to spawn. Weapons like the crossbow are exceedingly rare, more so than an AKM.


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Just play on any AU/NZ server and search all different loot spots including high density military areas.

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It is hard to find the 'lower tier' firearms and weapons than it is to find the powerful AKM.

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Try looking for the M4 at helicopter crash sites.

@macbain: I searched five crash sites last night alone and only found two 10rnd CMAGs for the AR-15 platform. I've search twenty since the update and I've only ever found helmets or stray ammo. Are they just that exceedingly rare?

Yes, they are very rare. But I've found a M4 once at a crashsite.