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Walkie Talkie not working
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Walkie talkie doesn't work, due to the fact that when you'll change your Channel of communication ( Direct Communication, Side channel, Global channel) it doesn't change at all, the only available option is the Direct Communication channel.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Have a Walkie Talkie with full battery in
-(OPTIONAL)Press the "ON" button, with the selected frequency to its side
-Try to change the channel (Default key is "," and ".")
-Get a little rectangular message indicating you're in Direct Channel, NOT in the respective frequency chosen before.

Additional Information

It used to work in the first versions of the game.

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I can't wait to use the Walkie Talkie, too. I was testing it like crazy recently and came to this very conclusion.


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this is a duplicate report of #0013659. Please use the search function before reporting.
Please follow #0013659 for further development information.