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Helpppppppppppp, Exp Servers R crashing
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My partner and I were playing on 1 of the 2 Exp servers for a couple hours and the server timed out.
We went out to start again on the same server and both Exp servers keep on crashing, even when it eventually gets to 10 and U think it is cool to go in, it crashes again and now server R staying on 8......crap it!.
Absolutely hopeless!

Another thing Devs, please, I beg U to look into more Exp Servers for Australia!

Whats going on Devs????????????????????????


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  1. Stop the crashing of servers Exp and Stable..............Broken again!
  2. Add more Exp Servers in Australia

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I agree, this is getting very frustrating, we pay for early access to provide testing/feedback for the game and cant even get into it, for the love god devs please stop pushing broken code to the experimental branches.

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We are going to get broken code, but some need urgent fixes like this. And as you say how can we test it if we can't get into the game.