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Firewood Duplication
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I hacked down a tree with my fireaxe, picked up the firewood and dropped it into my inventory. Now because my inventory was full the firewood was placed back on the 'vicinity' tab, however in doing so, a second piece of firewood appeared on the vicinity tab. I place a piece of firewood again into my full inventory and duplicates yet another piece of firewood thus I ended up with 3 pieces of firewood in the vicinity tab


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  1. Place firewood in inventory, make sure that it can't fit in your inventory.
  2. Vola! a second piece of firewood randomly appears on the vicinity screen.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

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I'm not sure that's a bug. I've always seen 3 firewood per tree. Just seems that they are stacked one atop the other in 'vicinity', so it only shows one until the one on top is moved. I can duplicate this stacking effect with items direct from my inventory, but it doesn't duplicate them, they just stack on top of stuff dropped previously in the same spot.