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Melee hitbox and range recognition - broken
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I know you're aware of the severely crippled status of the melee system. But do you know how broken it is? Melee weapons lack variable melee reach/range regardless of what it is. Damage system seems to be active and working as intended. HOWEVER, the hitbox/recognition system is near completely broken. You can be completely face to face with a zombie with your reticle or POV dot right on their head. Take a swing or stab at the thing, and the hit will not register or anything. The zombies, however, can hit you from 6 feet away and from their sides when all they are capable of is direct face to face melee strikes. At least that is what their current animations suggest that they are only capable of doing. Currently, the melee system is near completely unusable by the players, and with guns and ammo few and far between if you get caught in a melee with a zombie(s), you're basically destined to get hurt or killed. Please, PLEASE, take the time to fully review your melee system for the next update.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Equip Melee weapon
  • Engage Zombie or Player in melee combat
  • Test out both point-blank and at distance melee attacks
  • Witness results
Additional Information

Zombies are still phasing through closed doors, also.

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Don't forget the Zeds ability to hit you not even being in the same house as you, or on a other floor.


I'm sick of the melee being so broken, it didn't use to be this bad. I don't know what they did, ever since they changed the zombie, and melee animations.

Indeed. A few updates ago the melee system, albeit from lack of proper framerate or ping at times, worked just fine. Currently, as stated above, it's just about completely useless. My past 3 character deaths have been due to the poor melee system. It depresses me and honestly? Turns me off from even trying to play the game.

I'll add the problem of zombies hitting you after they are dead.

Also, if you've seen the Steam graphic showing the decrease in players...The recent sharp drop-off is around the time the melee system went south. If firearms are harder to come by, the melee system must be functional.

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It gets frustrating with multiple zombies on your tail, that's forsure. I recently posted a similar case file on this issue as well. It was more so a focus on the zombie's extended reach. Check it out

Yes. The Zeds do indeed have a ridiculous melee range compared to your player, which puts you already at a rather bad disadvantage in a melee fight. And if you're going up against multiples? Might aswell haul it for the hills cause with the melee system as it is currently, you're bound to lose.

Thanks very much for the up votes and additional notes, guys! I certainly hope the Devs see this really really soon!

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Yes, me too. The less effective melee weapons ( crowbar,machete ) is useless.

I have also had a few occasions where I have killed a Zed before it has a chance to try to hit me and afterwards about 5 seconds later I will get hit. I have also noticed that the Zeds still walk through closed doors, walls and fences.

Do you have these issues in 1st person view or also in 3rd person?

I ask because I have zero problems with the axe (and it sucks that this is STILL the only melee weapon that works) in 3rd person, but can't hit the zeds at all in 1st person view / hardcore servers.


I experience the issues both in 1st and 3rd person perspectives. And yes, sadly, the Axe is still the truly effective good melee weapon.

Once more, I appreciate all the additional feedback and upvotes you guys have been adding to this. Together, we can make bring to light this issue so that the teams at BG can get it fixed up real nicely.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0015503: Broken Zombie Hitbox (Weapon goes through Zeds)

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.