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Followed and attacked by dead ragdoll zombie
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I shot and killed a zombie. It ragdolled into a heap on the ground, then slid after me. I ran in circles for a bit and it followed me and continued to attack me without the ragdoll position changing. I had to shoot it a couple more times to finally "kill" it.


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Append to me too. I killed a zombie and the ragdoll still follow me and hits me. My teammates saw the regular zombie and they have to kill it for me since I cannot hit the ragdoll myself.

Video or it didnt happen..

Yeah sure, but ask me again when the game run at more than 15fps I may be able to record something that better than a gif ^^'
Well, the answer is still simple : I got lag when I hit the zombie and client side recorded that I kill it but the server side didn't.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0015143: Dead Zombies attack you, and you can't kill them

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