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game freezing after playing 5-10mins
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i go to game and then playing good everything is okay my pc is good fps is very good , but always im playing after 5-10mins playing Always it will be freeze and sound still playing but i cant do anything and i should open task manager to close DayZ


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In Game after playing 5-10 mins

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i have GTX 750 ti / Corei7 / good power / and more ... .

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Same here...never had this problem. Just tried experimental and it happens after some minutes without any reason

im attached my DayZ File in appdata/local/dayz

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Could you also upload a dxdiag report?


Hi, thanks for helping that DxDiag file isnt for me let me upload another one w8 ... ! that DxDiag Under is for me VIKA-PC / !!!!!!! DxDiag-For me is for me !!
NOTE : That EDWARD-PC isnt for me!!!!

R834 would u help me ? i put it :X

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This issue has been around for a long time, I haven't been able to play the game since I bought it because of this issue. I've been very patient but it took over 3 weeks just to have my issue acknowledged. I can deal with running through walls and being killed by invisible zombies and even wall hackers but this is complete bullshit

me 2 i cant play since i bought it !!! Dev Team Really Answer us !

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Thanks for uploading the dxdiag report.

You'll need to wait for a developer to look into this issue.

ehem Dev team answer others problem but we ? because its a hard difficult they cant fix it they dont answer us

andy added a comment.Oct 29 2014, 1:21 PM

Hi ebimiyaoo,
have there been any improvements recently?
There have been some tweaks which should improve performance, hopefully those have helped you.