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Game is in Alpha but website is not tracking suggestions
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The game DayZ is declared to be in Alpha. On the site there is a link called "FEEDBACK".

But when we try to post feedback about deficiencies in the game in the form of a suggestion about how the game is weak in a certain area, it will get closed with a statement "this is not a bug" and a link to

Although this approach does solve the initial issue that suggestions can be proposed, it fails in several ways.

Firstly, your Alpha game doesn't track suggestions. This means that suggestions get buried deep in a forum, possibly to be manually copied by somebody into a list .

Secondly, there is a link called "FEEDBACK" on the dev-hub. Please have the website correctly arranged so that if you want feedback, and that feedback is a suggestion, and someone goes to the dev-hub to make a suggestion, they aren't wasting time.

Finally, you have several different systems for collecting information from your clients. If you get a suggestion in the bug report, yet you want it in a different place, you don't tell your client that they are a fucking idiot and tell your client to expend further effort. YOU MOVE THE SUGGESTION TO THE PLACE YOU WANT THE SUGGESTION. IT IS NOT HARD!


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This is 2014. If your web skills are so poor that you cannot link a bug tracker with a forum, I pity you.

Additionally, on your website there is absolutely no link to You have four main links (Featured, Game, Dev Hub, and Community). Obviously suggestions forum should be Dev Hub, since it's primarily interesting to developers and only mildly interesting to the player community, but it's not even in the Community link.

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your aggresiv language is not helpfull for all. your report is SPAM and should be deleted immediatly. if u have suggestions post it anywhere... not every suggestion of customers would be read. thats normal....

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Ok @funkdoc. Sorry for offending you. But if you have nothing to add but personal attacks and unconstructive comments, you should delete the game from my computer and give me a refund of $29.

Dayz has over 2 million customers. The DayZ SA is in Alpha, but the website is not in Alpha. It doesn't take a genius to notice major problems in the website.

It takes a fool to think that it's spam to carefully worded response devoid of spelling errors and a nonchalant attitude toward customer base retention.

Maybe you should calm down and just offer your services to the Dayz team instead of swearing at them. And the feedback is not meant for suggestions. It is meant for bug reports to be sent in to be fixed. If you knew what the system was for and how to use it then you wouldn't be making an idiot out of yourself.

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There's a new Feature Request category that you can now use for suggestions. I've reopened your suggestion as well as some others that were closed recently.

Closing this ticket.

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