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7.62 x 39 drum mag disappears on reload
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[I have edited the description since I was not able to reproduce the previously stated error]

When you have a 75 round drum loaded in the AKM and 30 round mags in inventory, and no space to store drum (no free 2x2 storage in inventory) the 30 round mag is inserted into the AKM and the inventory slots emptied. The drum disappears


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Steps To Reproduce

Take AKM into hands
Load AKM with 75 round 7.62x39 drum
Have a 30 round 7.62x39 mag in inventory
Clutter inventory so that there is no free 2x2 inventory slot for drum , also no free spaces next to the 30 round mag
Reload AKM using the interaction menu (same key as opening doors)

Additional Information

This has happened to me twice while trying to open a door. The first time, I thought I had dropped the 75 round drum and went looking around the entire building for it, without success.
EDIT: I tried to reproduce the error described earlier without success. The actual bug is that the 75 round drum disappears completely when reloading. I tested this on open terrain the drum really is gone after reload.

Also, please can you change the settings so that reload-mechanics are no longer triggered with the same key as door/item interaction, since this is very annoying.
There is a key intended solely for reload that can be used for anything to do with switching mags or snaploaders, this does not have to be the same key as opening doors.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000547: Reloading without inventory space destroys clip/magazine

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.