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Character reset after the server restarts
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I was at the NWAF looting on my way to meet some friends, when I got to the AC tower and was fired upon. At this point I ran away to the walls behind the Hangers and noticed my Ghorka summer camo was ruined, but that was the extent of the bullet damage then the server restarts, the timer reached 16 seconds and I pressed ESC and logged off. I re-joined the same server after about 10 seconds and my character was reset to noob status for no reason. I was not dead nor was I bleeding. A bunch of my friends have also had this issue, we are unsure of how to reproduce exactly.

If its not too much trouble I would like to have my character and gear back please.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log into any server and play till server resets
  2. When the server resets, log off before the timer reaches 30 sec
  3. wait 10 seconds and re-join the same server
  4. your character should now be reset with no way to recover the character
Additional Information

I have tried logging in to other servers in the hope that my character will return however this has not helped, also some of the videos on YouTube has not solved my issue.

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78