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Banned for no reason with BattlEye and think it's due to the key and haven't seen a response in 1 month
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Recently I logged on to DayZ to play online with my friends, when selecting a server it appeared I was globally banned. This ban in my opinion is invalid due to me not cheating, hacking etc. I contacted BattlEye twice, one exactly a month ago today (29th August) and one a week ago.


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No Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  • Log into a BattlEye protected server
  • Receive the ban error

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You got caught cheating in one of the games that uses BE, doesn't have to be DayZ, could be one of the Arma games as well. Its a global ban not just a DayZ ban. Time for a new account and spend some more of that hacker money. BTW this forum can do nothing about your ban so that is all I have to say about that.

You said "due to the key" what do you mean by that?

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Nobody here is able to assist you with BattlEye bans - please continue trying to contact BattlEye.