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Large amount of loot spawns and respawns in one area.
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After several deaths and different servers I had almost given up on the latest exp. patch due to lack of loot. I finally made it all the way to Gvozdno without dying because I found a surplus of food in the school at Kras (possibly connected to this glitch). Upon arrival in Gvoz, I entered the barn on the edge of towen to find an abundance of loot of all types. I quickly realized it was the same issue as the previous loot respawn bug because whenever I picked up an item, another would spawn in the barn. I checked the surrounding buildings and found that they were all affected equally. This seemed to only be happening in the immediate area (coordinates: 087,037; 088,037; 087,03; and 088,036. I returned after server restart (Server: UK 0-09) and all items were still there as expected with persistent loot.


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Not sure if this is the same across all servers but I do know loot is extremely scarce in all the servers I visited. This server was the only one that I was in to witness this incident.

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this is the office building in berezino:

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much too much loot in the two stables north eastern from Severograd.

i think it's not about one location, i think the problem is caused because of the whole re-spawn mechanic.
so there won't be any loot respawning if there is a player around the town, so because of the servers are so crowded and most of players are around the beach, there will never be a single loot respawning in that towns but what will happen with items clean up is, force loot to respawn so they can't respawn around the beach, but what about little towns across the map? yeah, loots will respawn there because of low-population.
i think you guys should make it just respawn in like 2-3 H no matter if player is around as placeholder untill you can solve it :)

Still occurring today, September 1, 2014 on Exp .49 server. Green Mountain.