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glitch that allows players to get under the ATC in North east air strip and kill people from inside
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I was playing DayZ stable 0.48 a few days ago with a few buddies and we heard a guy say he had us surrounded, so we spread out in the ATC looking for him then we get shot through the walls and floor by this one guy, he then popped out of the wall and finished us off there was no way for us to kill him because he was using this glitch. its a very simple glitch to do but it ruins the game


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get into the corner outside the ATC in between the wall and the stairs have your head facing the stairs and your feet touching the wall then move forward and keep rolling towards the wall.

here is a video i found that explains how to do it:

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I understand that you guys have more important things to fix but just thought i would bring this to your attention as it ruins the game for a lot of players because its a very popular glitch.

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Really man. Make these types of posts private. You not only tell everyone how to do it but provide a link to a video SHOWING how to do it as well. Not to bright. Make this shit a private post please admins.

Chronic-X Its my First time using this bug tracker so I didn't know they could still see private posts because generally if something is private only the poster and people with a link can see it, the video I linked is one of the hundreds I have seen on YouTube, and considering every server I go on someone is ALWAYS abusing this glitch I would think that all the cheating little shits who want to do it already know how to do it. At least unlike most of the DayZ community I am actually trying to report bugs that I find you cant really say I'm "Not too bright".

Not you, the posting of the message on a public board. Just tick the "Make Private" box and only you and admins can see the post. Sorry about snapping a bit there, but just got roasted by 8 of these 12 year olds in a wall last night. Blarg just hate the idea of new players hearing about it through this post, it makes my blood boil, little glitching bastards lol.

I can't seem to make it private if an Admin could please sort that out that would be great. I know what you mean dude sorry for not making this post private tho that was my mistake, hopefully this bug gets fixed and all the little shits who used it get banned.

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this is a duplicate of #0013907. We are aware of the issue and working on a fix.