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Avoid Zombies strikes/punches with circling-strafe
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I have seen an other post about this but it is ancient and i think i need to add some information to this issue.

Zombies attacks are easily avoided. Maybe its a bit to soon to bring this up since there is still many issues with the Zombie AI but whenever you have a zombie after you.. just run in circles (using A and D and the mouse to rotate) and he wont be able to hit you. A circle with 2-3 meters of radius will do the trick.

This may seem like a small issue but i don't think so. It influence the whole game play. If zombies are no threat no cooperation is needed between players to defend or survive against them.

Being able to avoid some of the zombie strikes by strafing is something.. but being able to avoid 100% of its strikes, avoid 100% of 2 or 3 zombies attacks/punches at the same time by only running in circlea is a bit far-fetched.


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Attract a or many Zombies.

Use A or D and rotate the camera with the mouse to run in a circle.

Avoid 100% of the attacks.

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THIS is a forum for BUGS not your how to kill zombies thread. Go to forum for thais type of post.

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This thread is not about killing zombies what so ever.

You do know that the Zeds in game right now are just a placeholder for the ones that are coming right? Devs are working out the navmesh and the glitches before they introduce the real zombies. Then the fun will begin, right now there are 2500 or so Zeds on the map at restart this number will grow by up to 10X by final release. So again just report bugs and glitches with the game not your opinion on how to deal with Zeds..

We know how to deal with the Zeds

I know that the navmesh has to do with path finding. I am not talking about the path finding nor how to kill the zombies.The Zombie targeting system is flawed. Like i said you can have 1 or even 10 Zed on you but by simply running in circle all of their attacks will miss you.

Every zombie should be a challenge to a certain extent but it is really not the case right now. Why waste ammunition on a zombie when you can just run in circles and use your fists to put him down.

Hopefully, has you said, Dev will introduce the real zombies. But other then the path-finding i have not seen any information towards a modification on the zombie targeting system and this explains why i created this report.