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freeze on joining friends game via steam overlay
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Every time i join a friends game using the steam overlay the game freezes on spawn in, preventing me from moving, accessing inventory or even the options menu. the only way to leave game is by using task manager.


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Game Freezes
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shift+tab and join a friends game using steam overlay

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game doesn't ever freeze when joining by using the friends tab in change server

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Same issue here.

Not always, but when it happens, it usually happens several times over a short period of time.

Not specific to one server, and servers, on which it happens, may otherwise work fine and usually not have any such bugs.

Happens only after joining via the Steam overlay.

To get rid of the issue, I have to either join a different server, leave it and then join on a friend again (using the Steam overlay, this time it will work) or connect to my friends' server directly using its IP.

My friends and I have this issue too.

So you can join friends from steams either:

  • from outside the game (game isn't running, use steam friends list) or
  • while in game, while using the shift+tab overlay.

Seems to happen more often if you join from outside the game. But either way, it's about 25% of the time I try to join via steam friends list, regardless of which way, you will end up being unable to move around.

This bug can be a big issue if a zombie or player is near you when you login, as you can see/hear everything, but cannot supply input to move/look/shoot at all. It's like a coma with your eyes open haha.

Only way to fix is to exit the game ALT+F4 or task manager, at least in my experience.

Hello dragonslayer1097,

Does the Steam overlay freeze up or is it only the game that freezes up after the Steam overlay disappears?


I don't recall whether the overlay also freezes. I believe once you close the overlay and the game loads up, you will not be able to relaunch the overlay, specifically due to how the bug is evoked. See below.

To be more specific: The game stops responding to input once you enter the server and finishes loading. It doesn't freeze, as it would from a crash/lockup.

So you can still hear sounds, see trees swaying, and zombies can come up and attack you -- all the while you can do nothing to react.

You eventually have to ALT+F4 or CTRL+ALT+DEL to get out -- AKA Windows is still responding to input, but the DayZ game does not respond to it.

Thanks for your detailed info on the issue peglegpete. We'll try and see if we can reproduce the bug on our end as well.