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[Suggestion] - Torch
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! Please Add ! - a handmade Torch

Basis is a chopped piece of (fire-) wood or wooden stick, combined with an impregnated piece of rag or pieces of rags (depends on duration of burning)

There are three possible forms of combustible material:

1.) Alcohol; found in the already existing tincture

2.) Grease; found especially by slaughter pigs or wild boar

3.) Honey Wax; found in a wild beehive (Forest / Town)

Usage / Handling:

1.) Light Source
2.) Starter for a Fireplace
3.) Weapon


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This would make a nice addition to our beloved pitchforks.
Perfect for an angry mob :D

3.) Honey Wax; found in a wild beehive (Forest / Town)

There are bee hives in some gardens, aren't they? Could be used similar to chicken houses. - Well some bees might still be living ...

Doesn't tree gum burn as well? Maybe there should be an action to cut a tree with a knife, machete etc., wait a few minutes and then apply that stuff to rags.

But beware the mess when you put them into your backpack... ;)

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Wooden stick + lard would be perfect

Beav added a subscriber: Beav.May 8 2016, 7:41 PM

Osiris, I'd say 'stick + lard + rags'