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Bug: No weapon sway while walking
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If you walk (by pressing Strg) while upright and aiming through your weapon scope (haven't tried iron sights and pistols), there is no or almost no weapon sway, even if your character is breathing really heavily.


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This only works when walking forward. Walking sideways or diagonally does not have the effect.

I have tried it with the PSO-1 for both AKs, where the issue appears. It does not appear with a standard M4 with iron sights, nor with other M4 sights. May have something to do with the M4's sights being 3D rendered.

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Confirmed. Works with ALL scopes and sights as well. Almost perfect aim while walking.

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IMHO it only works with 2D scopes, not ingame rendered 3D like m68, ACOG, PU