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[Suggestion] Server List improvements
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Finding a server in the game is harder than is needs to be. Some improvement suggestions:

All the servers that are discovered after sorting the list should be inserted at the proper positions instead of added at the end.

There should be an option to disable the filters on the Favourites page.

The list is rediscovered way too often. It takes a while to build and since finding a server takes a few tries most of the time, this is unnecessary waiting time.

The filters need to be adapted to DayZ. Filtering by server time, for example, would be nice.

Reporting servers should be possible right from inside the game. Right now, it seems to me like 20% of all servers is in some way violating the hosting rules and writing an email every time is deterring people from telling anybody.


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What is with the sudden hype of spamming suggestions?


Spam = Junk in masses. This it NOT junk! There are great ideas in the suggestions of this dedicated community member.


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Personally, I'd like the option to BLOCK servers from my previously played lists, and in general. I don't want to keep finding servers that "haven't contacted the main server" for days, or servers with other problems.