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Tents disappeared after 5 days
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We had four tents setup in close proximity and after 5 days the tents and all other items laying on the ground next to them disappeared.

The tents were duplicating everything and spilling out onto the floor outside the tent.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start game with version 0.48.124737
  2. Join a official persistent server
  3. Place multiple tents in close proximity (ours were just above Lopatino)
  4. Add guns and items into all the tent
  5. Leave items all around tents
  6. Observe tents duplication items
  7. Wait 5 days and everything disappears

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Forgot to mention the server was DayZ UK 2-15.

How do you know someone didnt come steal it? 5 days is a long time.

They are gone after the restart, known bug. Persistence is broken right now.

They and all items will be wiped in the next patch anyways....

I have placed numerous single tents in various obscure, and remote locations, and a high percentage get stolen very quickly. Putting all 4 tents together makes them much easier to spot. Ta