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Camp fires bugged. Cook super fast.
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I play on a "Real Time" server, so cooking meat on the camp fire takes about 15-20 minutes in real time. The other night I placed 2 fires to cook the 15-16 steaks I had hunted. I lit the fire and started cooking on both fires, about a minute after getting the steaks on the fire, before they had even started to barely turn light pink, the server went through a reset. As soon as it came back online I joined and checked the pits. Both were now unlit and still had the meat on them, I pulled all the meat off and ignited both fires. I then placed said meat back on the fires and settled in to watch the tab screen so I could monitor cooking. I immediately noticed that after only 2-3 minutes all the steaks were bright red, within just a minute of the meat turning bright red it was done and ready to pull off. I checked the 2nd pit, same thing was going on. 2 of the 5 steaks had burned and the others were done in no time at all.

I decided to try it with the steaks in my protective case that had NOT been on the fire pits when the server restarted. They were done in 5 minutes flat. I managed to cook around 18 steaks in 10-15 minutes on a "REAL TIME" server.

Since trying to duplicate this effect the last few days, 1 of 2 things happen. The fire either bugs out and starts cooking meat around 3-4 times faster, or the items disappear and the fireplace can not be picked up. If the fireplace didn't have meat on it, and can't be picked up then it can still be ignited.... but will NEVER cook any meat placed on it.

It also appears that if you keep the "turbo" camp fire that it will keep the "turbo" cooking effect, at least on the same server... not sure about changing.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a pit and light it.
  1. Wait for server restart.
  1. Come back in and check the fire, that kit will either be broken, or cook your food super fast.
NOTE: You might be required to have meat on the fire when the server resets, I only tried it without the meat a couple times. Still seemed to work though.

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Since the temperature update all fires cook at high speed. Probably related to fires now emitting heat as cooking speed depended on temperature before. So it seems fires are boosting themselves.

Before it took about ten minutes to cook steak, which is about the time you need in reality. Now its ~ 3 minutes - way too fast.