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Tent duplicating items in his inventory, now everything and the tent dissapeared
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My team and i mounted a tent on a public persistance server, exactly (Dayz SE 4-124).

We filled the tent with one AKM and one AK 101. The next day the tent's inventory was empty, but the tent was surounded by one AK 101 and 4 AKM.

As you probably know, the persistance servers usually get stuck after a restart and can't get up showing the server is at 14:00 with 0 players in.

After 3-4 days of checking and confirming the tent, one night, the server wasn't even on the list, stuck or unstuck it wasn't on the list. Next morning i went to check the tent and everything disspeared. Almost 10 AK's and the tent.

Knowing that the tent was very well hide, in a not much used server, There's three possibilities.

  1. As the server didn't showed in the server list that night (never saw that before, just stuck servers at 14:00), and steam told me the server was not responding, could have a public persistance server been fully restarted, deleting all the persistance items?
  1. As the tent was duplicating al the AK's around it, could the tent magically bugged and blowed everything up?
  1. The last possibility, but i am 90% sure this didn't happened is that someone luckily found it and stole everything. But knowing that the tent was so well hide, and with that huge amount of items, the robbery would have been difficult and the fact of discovering the tent so lucky.

So any of yo have experienced this? Any clue on what could have happened? Could a public server made a full restart deleting every persistance item? Just a bug?

Any help/advise would be so much appreciated.


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Same thing happened to my group. We had four tents and after 5 days they disappeared. They were definitely not raided, as we had other items on the floor hidden near by and they were all gone too.

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Yeah that what i suppossed that this haven't been a robery. Hope this will be fixed in 0.49, we will see...

Now what i don't know is that if it have been a bug that f***ed all up or that the public persistance server fully restarted deleting every persistent object...