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Tent - Duplicating Items and now Disappeared
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My group was finally able to find a tent and place it in what we believed to be a secure spot. The tent was there for 3 full days. We checked it multiple times per day to ensure that we hadn't been raided.

  1. We noticed that Backpack Inception is now possible again (I opened a separate tracker for this). However, we put about 5 backpacks inception-style into the tent. When we returned after the first server reset, it had duplicated each layer individually inside of the inception-backpack (e.g. If the top layer is 5 with 4 backpacks inside, it would spawn a layer 5 backpack with 4 backpacks inside. Then, it spawned a layer 4 backpack with 3 backpacks inside, etc.)
  1. The tent is now completely missing. I noticed the duplication and removed all items from the backpacks. I then threw a ton (50+) empty backpacks into a field in hopes that they would disappear. While I was doing this, my bandwidth was over 6000 and I was consistently receiving "damdifino is losing connection" and "No message received for xx seconds" but never truly lost connection. Once I fixed all the spare / inception-created backpacks, this resolved itself. We logged on today to find the tent completely missing.


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I've attached a screen shot showing that I was able to put 2 tents in a hunter back pack. Put that back pack in your tent!

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Can't see any screenshot.
My team also had this problem, we filled the tent with AK's they duplicated, and now after few days everything is missing.

All this happened last night, when we reach the position of the tent, tried to switch to the tent server and the server didn't appeared on the list. A public server with persistance on. I never experienced this with public servers. When they fall after a restart they usually get stuck at 14:00 with 0 people, but this time the server didn't even appeared on the list.

Could the server have ben fully restarted? i mean, could a public persistance server be fully restarted, deleting all the persistance items?

Or maybe the tent f***ed up with almost 10 ak's around it?

I want to think this first two possible problems are the issue, because the tent was so well hide between trees in a safe area. And filled with almost 10 ak's. So stealing it would be difficult and finding it so lucky.