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Character lay down after drinking
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  1. The water bottle get displaced when starting to drink but the major issue is
  1. When i finish drinking (i always choose drink all)my character lay down, like when running and pressing Z, he moves forward and get into prone position.

This happened each time with water bottle, and confirmed for canteen by other player.


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I can confirm this issue with the canteen too.

I can confirm too but i lay down when i have DRINK ALL

I have updated the description for canteen and for drink all.

Can someone confirm only for drinking a portion?

I Confirm with a bottle

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same issue, but when i stand im in a frozen position, and to other i look broken, happens when drink all with canteen or water bottle.

This is a known issue, it's in the patch notes.

I get this with both the canteen and the bottle when selecting "drink all". And he doesn't lay down he falls down hard. To get up I have to first move using wasd and then hit my stand up bind. only hitting the stand up bind won't work. This have been annoying a few times when getting zombie aggro while doing this lol

This only happens when Drinking all. Crouch and drink all and it wont do the animation.

Yes, i wanted to add that. Drinking all when crouching doesn't cause the fall

I confirm this (drinking all from a bottle). Character falls down but isn't inconscious.

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Still happens. Confirm.