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All gear lost when reconnecting to an restarted server
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Hello my in game character Gefriter seems to loose all its gear when server is restarted. When i reconnect to the server after the restart.


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Reconnect to a server really fast after it has restarted.

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Last time i played dayz i was playing during 2 server restarts.
Both times/restarts it happened to me.
First time i quickly connected to another server and then back to the original that i was playing at.
This saved my loot first time.

Second time i tried the same. And it did not work.
I lost all my hard earned gear.

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This happened to me too...

The server was not responding 'no message received' in red writing, so the server kicked me. I went to rejoin it but it was full so I had to choose another server, when I went on it said my character has been reset and an admin has been notified.

fucking shit game

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This happened to me also. Experimental 0.48 server yesterday. Not only my characte r reset, but all my in-game settingss and all my .cfg changed to default. Haven't happened to me since months. So frustrating...

@the yog man : yes it is frustrating, but try to contribute and talk correctly. This is not a forum for kids.

They need to make a 'Save character' action or at least allow users to save their characters to cloud, not just saving the character by the server. History in games says that NEVER works out well.

Need a save character option or allow the game to save characters to cloud for them to be able to back up. If you die fair-play you lose your stuff, but for a server to kick you out and you lose all your gear after tons of effort and time, that is nonsensical and just plain bad design.

Exact same thing just happen to me. lol won't be doing that again. People should be warned about this until it is fixed. Losing all your gear is very annoying. Luckily I didn't have too much gear.

Been getting this as well. 3-4 times now in as many days. Last one really hurt as I had gotten REALLY well-geared.

Server resets...I wait a bit for the server to reappear in my favorites list...log in to find my character reset. I've tried logging into another server but to no avail.

It's not just 1 server either, I've gotten this on more than 1 server after a server reset.


It's so wrong...Bet we will be waiting weeks for a fix. Their too busy implementing fishing. :|

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Happens to me every server reset, so ever 2 - 4 hours. As it stands the game for me is near unplayable without being able to save a character. This urgently needs fixing.

I too encountered this. Fully geared one moment, starting from scratch upon server reset. NOT amused.

Hello Gefriter,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported. The devs are aware of the problem related to character save loss and they'll be working on fixing it.

Closing as duplicate of #78.