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Reloading gun after manual reload gives bugged ammo stack back
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I've tested this with the SKS and Blaze rifles, both of which support manual reload and using snaploader/clips etc.
After doing a manual reload and then (while still having ammunition in the gun) reloading with the snaploader/clip you'll get a stack of ammunition with looks like a single bullet which you cannot reload snaploaders/clips with but you can put it back in the gun.
When right-clicking the stack you get the options "Eject" and "inspect" which suggests that this is not the proper behaviour.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a weapon which supports manual reload and reload from snaploader/clip (I.e. sks, blaze, mosin etc.) and a snaploader/clip appropriate for that weapon.
  2. Load it manually using a stack of ammunition, preferably with an amount above 1
  3. While still having ammunition in the weapon, perform a reload by pressing the R key so that your snaploader/clip is used.
  4. Verify that you now have a stack of ammunition with the properties described in the description.

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I can confirm this, Happened to me too.

Click Eject on bugged ammo to unglitch it.

The bugged ammo acts like another snaploader, it is possible to create multiple stacks of ammo, which can then be used like a snaploader

  1. load gun with ammo
  2. reload with a snaploader
  3. bugged ammo stack with show up in the inventory
  4. manually move the snaploader back into the inventory
  5. reload gun with a normal stack of ammo
  6. reload with snaploader
  7. now another stack of bugged ammo will be in the inventory
  8. when the gun is out of ammo simply press the reload key to reload a stack of bugged ammo

Is it possible to create multiple stacks of bugged ammo that can be used like a snaploader.

gh0stop added a subscriber: gh0stop.May 8 2016, 7:31 PM

I was wondering why my ammo would sometimes do this with the sawed off shotgun and snaploader.