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Drink All option easilly bugged by turning around your body.
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Basically, when you select 'Drink All' option when drinking a bottle or canteen, when you start drinking you can turn around your body (just like with sitting down taunt glitch (F3 by default)) and your guy (or lady, whoever it is you're playing as) will instantly stop drinking, flashing the option 'Cancel action'.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take a canteen/bottle
  2. Sit down/stand/etc.
  3. Select 'Drink All' option
  4. When your char starts drinking (not when opening the bottle, but when drinking) turn your body around a little bit (body, if you turn around your head with ALT nothing will happen) -> your char will cancel the drinking animation but will still be busy with drinking.
Additional Information

This only happens with 'Drink all' option. With normal 'Drink' option it's stable.

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This or proceed to bellyflop.;D

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I have the same problem, but it doesn't seem like my character aborts the drinking animation while doing this, he happily drinks up and then just keeps holding the bottle in his hand. Even after removing the bottle and switching back to my weapon I still seem to be in "drink all" mode because I must use the option "cancel current action" before being able to use the bottle again even after several minutes.

I confirm this bug too.