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Endless stream of attacking zombies
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With the new zombie respawning feature, gameplay has worsened as we are practically facing an endless stream of zombies that come to attack us one after each other, making them practically invulnerable. Hence, it is pointless and frustrating to kill a zombie as a clone of it will immediately re-attack us afterwards.

The number of zombies in the game should be high, but not infinite. Let me make an example:
Case A: a lone survivor hides in a house.
Case B: a team of 30 well-fed and machinegun-equipped survivors with a lot of ammo combs the city, hunting and exterminating all zombies.
It would be normal to expect that in Case B the city would be zombie-free, at least for a while. Instead, as zombies regenerate, the city in Case B holds in any moment the same number of zombies than in Case A - which makes no sense.

Timing should be changed so zombies respawn no earlier than 7-10 minutes after being killed.


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Good point you made there. The respawn needs some further balancing depending on location maybe.


very frustrating now even more.. because melee attacks are pretty f*ckedup... but melee problem is know issue, no need to report that

I'm actually starting to agree with this more and more. I climbed a ladder at the airfield (back towards the military tents, that two story lookout-tower type of thing). and a zombie, which spawned out of an area I had already cleared, ran towards me. There was no way I was going to make it down the ladder without getting hurt bad, or dying, so I decided to shoot the zombie. Next thing I know, 5 or 6 zombies are headed straight for me, from places I had already cleared. It definitely needs some balancing out. I don't think zombies should be spawning in places that have been cleared - even if you do fire a loud gun. I also think zombies should be aggroed by the noise instead of the player; meaning they head towards the noise, but not necessarily the player. So, if you move in time - you can avoid the approaching zombies. I had a player do this to me the other day, he would fire to draw me closer and he would wait to see if I went to where he fired. I did and he killed me. It just makes more logical sense and I think it would increase overall gameplay.

Yeah, a similar thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the top floor of a house, badly hurt and attacked by zombies. I could barely move and attack as I had been pushed through the wall by the zombie's hits (a known glitch). As I killed them, new zombies (always of the same type) were always climbing the stairs to attack me again. There must have been a queue in front of the house! Ridicolous. I was saved by the server's restart.

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I find this funny:)

And if Group B with Machineguns makes so much noise that 100s of Zeds dies, then 1000 of them will hear the gunshots and run for it. I think its normal and okey:)

Even a thousand zombies is not infinite. By the way, I think it would be great to have hordes of zombies attacking. But here you have ONE zombie attacking you infinite times.

  1. kill the zombie;
  2. zombie respawns;
  3. the same zombie reattacks you;
  4. repeat from point 1.