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Animals and zombies glitch through fences
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exp. 0.48:I was chasing a wild boar in a village and it glitched through a fence.
Just like zombies are still glitching through walls and fences. I noticed some zombies not being able to walk through a closed door,but the walls doesnt keep em out.


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climb up a hay stack. The zombies don't climb them. You can then slowly walk down near them and punch them dead without getting hit.

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But I do not want to have to glitch the game to fix a glitch. Two wrongs don't make a right, especially with programming.
Thx for the advice though, I'll use it when I can to not be killed by invincible zeds.

how do you know that is a glitch? There is nothing special about hay stacks. You can climb them all.

tactics to defeat zombies is not the issue here.

Zombies going through walls and fences has been reported so many times that it could only be about tactics of evasion.

rgobeli, there's a forum on for discussions about tactics. Please take it there and use this feedback tracker only for feedback about bugs you see , or keep seeing, in every new update.