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Door state not always correctly received by client
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When playing in groups of players, sometimes doors that appear closed to one client will be open to all other client. On the affected client's screen, other players will appear to bump into doors and then, after a second, slide through. When the client uses the "open" action, the door will seemingly open for the affected client (despite already being open) and the door's state will then be synced between all players.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play with multiple players.
  2. (Assumed) Join a server that has doors changed from their spawn configuration (closed doors opened, closed doors closed).
  3. Compare door states on every client's screen.
Additional Information

This bug is very rare, and I am assuming has some connection to the doors being changed past their spawn configuration and that information not being correctly sent to the client. Desync or lag may very well be a factor. I am also guessing this bug also affects doors that spawn open, but as this bug is very rare, and most doors spawn closed, this bug will be much more noticeable when open doors appear closed.

This bug does not appear to extend to doors that are opened (and likely closed) in the client's vicinity.

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It is a very rare bug. It has only happened to me a few times.

Most recently it happened when I was chasing somebody and they ran through some doors that were closed for me. When I tried opening the door, it stayed closed and made the sound effect of the door closing. I clicked on it again and then the door opened.

Will this ever be fixed? 17 months has passed now, and this still happens all the time...

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Been happening a lot more for me recently than ever before. Not ALWAYS- but certainly not even infrequently.

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  • Will this ever be fixed? --

Many many "fixed" bugs are back in game now.

  • Zombies go through doors
  • Stairs are killer-stairs
  • Desync is horrible


Agree, playing with a Friend i often was told "I already searched that Room!" and replying "But the Door is closed?!" i got answered "No, it's open - you closed it now and are running through the closed Door on my Screen..."

Same here. Playing with others always leeds to confusion. Sometimes i close doors which are open for my mate just prior to him goin he bumps into the closed door. Or if i'm too slow he just goes through a door which is closed for me.