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Invisible Zombie I and my friend want to get our things back
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Hi team from DayZ,

me and my friend was killed by a invisible Zombie. It was on the airstrip at Novodimotrovsk. We hope we get our stuff back from the server or from the team.
At this time i hated DayZ. My things were: AK101 (with 3 30 round magazines and the PSO-1 Scope), military clothes, a big bagpack, military boots. His stuff was the same. NOW replace!!!

Thank you, KeviceHDProduction


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Haha, are you serious? Go and loot up again like the rest of us.

^ exactly what Ingal said.

You forget about the big red button?! It says "I UNDERSTAND" or, directly translated "I KNOW THIS SHIT IS BROKEN AND IS GOING TO PISS ME OFF, BUT I'M GOING TO PLAY ANYWAY".

Go loot up again. Like the rest of us.
If you want to play a finished game, then you have to wait. This is not done.

Rule number 1 in DayZ

Don't get attached to your gear..

KeviceHDProduction LIES! There are no 75 round magazines for the AK 101. I CALL BS. Get a straw. Suck it the F#@% up, and get back out there and find some more loot.

im calling the whole report a fake. dont tell lies in order to get better gear, the 75 mag for the 101 just doesnt exist, so however you had 3, is beyond me.
this is the only magazine available to the ak-101 currently:

dont make fake bug reports sending the devs barking up a fake tree, it wastes everybodies time, they could be fixing real bugs.

Hi KeviceHDProduction,

Since the character database does not have an event tracker, we will unfortunately not be able to restore your inventory to the state which you describe. However, in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to submit a new issue in the Feedback Tracker and we'll try to help you out.