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Items Do Not Save In Tents
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i recently got a tent from a deer stand and i placed it down and put a few items in its inventory ( mp5-k, ammunition, food ) and i decided to leave the server and join the same one, i looked inside the tents inventory and there was nothing there, so i cannot reclaim my gear, please fix this issue.


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get a tent, pitch tent, place items inside the tents inventory, re-log into the same server, look inside the tents inventory

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if you had read the update blog, you would know that they are planning on implementing a patch next week and everyone was notified when the tents were added that they did not save anything in them yet.

Only works in exp branch right now..

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 7:22 PM

Tents and persistent items are currently not working in .47 versions of the game.

If you are on the experimental (.48), tents and persistent items appear to be working.

Tents, just like other gear (vests, legs, etc.) will sometimes show no items. For tents, try placing an item in the tent and taking it back out. This has been a work-around for some time now. The items should appear after a new item has been placed there.

Despite what you guys are saying about it working in experimental, me and my friend lost 90% of our loot within minutes of placing it inside, it was so random.