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Camo on rifles no longer works
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Before the latest patch, if you painted a rifle (Mosin or SKS for example) black and then green, you would get a nice camo pattern. Now if you paint a rifle one color and then use the other, the rifle changes to the new solid color.
So essentially no more camo. Just solid black or solid green.


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Paint a Mosin or SKS Green, then paint it Black.

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Not really a big deal. Just thought the camo pattern was cool.

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False, pain it one color the add the other color still works on Mosin also works on AKM butt stock, SKS never was able to be painted camo..

You could NEVER get camo on the SKS. You could ONLY get it on the Mosin. I painted the mosin CAMO just yesterday, on 47.

I did think the dialogue was weird. I had these options:
-Add BLACK paint to Mosin
-Paint Mosin Black

Perhaps if you have a Green Mosin and you choose PAINT rather than ADD, you will get a BLACK one. I have not made many Camo Mosins.

Huh. I could have sworn I had a camo SKS at one point.
I do usually run around with a Mosin, though. 2 days ago I could paint it camo. Today on a fresh spawn I could only paint it one color or the other.
Maybe it is the dialogue. I'll have to take another look.

I got camo paint on my CR527, so works for me.