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possable duplication of items at server restart
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I dropped a shovel possibly 10-20 second before the server restarted. After the server restarted i logged back in after about a minute of server up time. When i logged back in i still had the shovel in my hand but there was also one on the floor where i dropped it.


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drop item right before server reset
log back into server after reset.

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possibly related, if you pick up an item in this same situation before a restart. you have a high change that the item will not get saved to your player profile but the item will not be present on persistent servers after the restart.

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Added two more photos of this issue. each time i was carrying a rifle in my hands and put it down for a second to do something. The server restarted and i was put back ~100m aware from the placed weapon. After relog, i went back to where it was dropped and there were two more on the ground. these last two case of this were on todays Experimental(0.50.125214).

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I can confirm this, it happened today with my AKM.

Hello peeps, today I found an AKM and put it in my tent (as I already have one as my primary weapon), then I found another one. I said, "I won't go back to the tent and put this one too, I'll put it to a persistent server and hope a friendly guy finds it, I don't want to be greedy."

I switched to UK 42O CCG server and I dropped the AKM to the middle of the road at NWAF. I also dropped some AKM ammo (mags) on the floor aswell.

I decided to take it somewhere else because someone who's unfriendly can take it and kill people I rather give it to someone friendly or someone I personally know, then I walked out a little, I stood and said, no actually let me put it back down there. I'm too lazy to go all that way. I went back to the place and dropped my AKM, I've put a couple of mags on the floor until I noticed they were not dropping, the server restarded. When I came back my character was a little back where It was supposed to be, I had the AKM in my hands. I went back to the place, I noticed the AKM on the floor too. So they got duplicated that way. I took both of them to another safe place.

P.S The mags were also duplicated.

andy added a comment.Oct 24 2014, 1:02 PM

Thank you for your report!
This is a byproduct of the current implementation of server restarts and persistence, which we are aware of, however tweaking it may take some time and this I am going to close the ticket for now - please be patient.