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splitting axe multiple hits
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both my brother and I were hitting a brick wall and metal wall in berezino, our axes were hitting 2-3 time per swing, so we tested it out on each other he died having full health with 1 swing to the chest


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Same here. Single swing of the splitting axe hits a zombie (if it hits at all) twice. Nice glitch, but a glitch nonetheless.

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he died having full health with 1 swing to the chest. sounds realistic. maybe the zombies should also die in one swing to the chest with the splitting axe.

I was thinking that there is a double hit in there too. I was taking down Zeds with a single swing of the splitting axe and garden hoe. In previous versions, I have never been able to kill the Zeds in one hit with anything other than a gun or a fire axe. I even felt like I was hearing a double impact sound.

Yeah... fire axe is a 1 hit kill. Splitting axe is supposed to be 2. Same with pick axe and the hoe.