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Bandaging on military watchtower kills you by pushing you down from the top.
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When you are on top of the small yellow watchtower, which are along the walls of military bases and you select bandages, your Char is starting to put your weapon on your back, by doing this the Char is pushed out through the texture and fall down and is dead.


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Climb up.
Take a weapon in your heand.
Select bandages - enjoy watching your Char is pushed out of the tower ;)

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I can confirm this. You don't even need to select bandages - just climp up, take a weapon in your hands and back again on your back. -> happy dying!

version: 0.55.127157

I just submitted a similar report relating to shouldering weapons in these towers. I have a feeling it will do that with many animations, and is somehow related to the loot on the floor of such towers.