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(always inconsistent behavior) zombies more attracted to someone standing on a hill than someone in the city/someone shot
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I don't understand how zombies attracted in dayz standalone?sight,hearing,smell,random spawn? , 1 of many example :i was scouting a town using binoculars near the coast, on a hill which give a perfect sight over the city.
I was like 300 meters from the zombies, i didn't make any noise, i didn't sprint,didnt do action that create noise such as drinking, eating, reloading, shooting, swinging weapon, i just standing there, walk a little, like just 2 meters radius moving around on top of the hill,not as much as i looking around while in binoculars. Then suddenly i saw 2 zombies just sprinting, i thought they saw something or hearing shots, then i realize they are after me at top of the hill!, and i thought how the f*** that zombies can even know that i'm on top off the hill,not chasing someone whose in the town,looting,i knew because later after scouting i met someone on 2nd floor at the school(hiding), located in the center of the city. This is just 1 example i,therr's a lot of them, but it will be 20 paragraphs if i write them all,

One time, i spawned in a crane near the city,and i check around before coming down from top of it, and there is a zombie looking another way 80 meters
And before even coming down using the wall stair, that zombie suddenly chasing,im not even jog just walk, fear to fall.but when i walk open in a town behind him just 30 metersthe zombie didn't notice me

THE point is, the zombies detection system seems to be very inconsistent,
While in a building they suddenly chasing and clipping through walls and door,and one time i was in a town, i hear someone shooting, and the zombies are onto me,but when i shoot in a city,nobody come, not.even zombies.can they see walls and door or even another zombie, obstacles, in his way line of sight,they seems to see people through building like they have super sight and they can see people 500-1km away, wtf,even a player can't see me that far.,on top of the hill.
I didnt Say this scenario always happen,but but different of zombies inconsistent behavior scenarios always happen


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1.Just shoot around in the city no zombie
Even if they do they are so close to us like 50 meters above 100 meters,. No way

1.just loot a lot in town and cities then you will understand

1.they can see miles away from people,, just find a zombie, dont go near to him,just 300m-1km radius then it will chase(i remind you.i!m chased while on top of the hill)

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Zombies are very inconsistent, detect system are messed up,chasing system also messed up,pleaae fix it
I just point 1 of many example that a player could have given

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I concur to some degree. I was in a city and got ambushed by literally 9 zombies in the same warehouse in the span of about 2 minutes.