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Some structures do not spawn even with the new loot respawn
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These structures are probably really bugged, not to be confused with those that spawned sometimes in the past.


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Just go into these structures.

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Ural wreck (Land_ural_wrecked)
Big castle tower (Land_A_Castle_Bergfrit)
Construction crane (Land_A_CraneCon)
The high towers at the NWAF (Land_Ind_IlluminantTower)
The guardhouse at the entrance of military camps (Land_Guardshed)
The small barn (Land_stodola_open)
Chopping block (Land_sekyraspalek)
Big unenterable Factrory (land_ind_pec_03a)

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I think some are fixed, or spawn on "some places" in the map no loot.

Older experiment on Experimental Branch 048.124674 Server DE 0-7 Respawn V 048.124674

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I've noticed that in 0.48.124699 that some loot seems to be spawning in new places, but often floating in the air. I've also seen it inside the floor and other parts of structures.

It seems like every few patches, the loot spawns change a little bit, but they are always still buggy, still spawning items underneath floors, inside things, and floating above things.

Also not spawning loot: land_misc_deerstand (Deer/hunting stands),hmmwv_wrecked , land_budova4_in (barracks-like buildings near NEAF at 109,019)

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I agree with the last reporter i found the barracks near NEAF completely empty and all doors closed. Loot is pretty f*cked up right now, don't know what they are doing that barracks worked good until 0.48.