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Loot respawn can be abused in some places
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When a single building is beeing looted, the server is refilling this building extremy fast when it is the only one in the "respawn bubble".


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When you pick up loot, the server just respawns over time so much waste in a (1 x 1 km?) area, that the good loot has no chance to

respawn. But if you pick up all the waste, bring it outside this zone, new loot is spawning, even in buildings where is no loot on a fresh server. So I cleared out Khelm, put the waste in front of this house, and was going to loot the good stuff. Ammo, beans, fruits, soda, weapons and

clothing. This was an experiment on Experimental BranchV 048.124674 Server ""; DayZ DE 0-7 (Experimental/Testing). This server is not restarting all 4 hours right now.

What I did you can see in this imgur album:


Is the loot respawn broken? Yes and no. Server respawns, but waste will not cleared till now. So good items has no chance to spawn anymore.

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Hi Andro,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue! We have notified the devs of the issue so that they can have a look into it. Please feel free to follow this issue for further development.



mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 7:13 PM

i just was in two servers that actuali are not starting every 4 hours, but hell there is no loot at all... Every house every meter of the map is lootet emptied.
only batteries and torches can be found, if you need something to eat the only way to find something is an apple tree or berries... but with the wrong one you die...

So the respawn semms not to work everywhere on 0.48

andy added a comment.Oct 2 2014, 4:03 PM

This should not be an issue anymore.
Please create a new ticket if the problem persists.