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[EXP] Weapon throwing while sprinting
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i have a problem in the EXP Builds since the first.47... if i sprint me char stops and throw the primary peapon away.. sometimes the weapon shows up to my right site.. sometimes the weapon disappears.

i have removed all Throw Keys from the settings but its happend without any key bind on throwing.

all my friends have no problem like this... i've reset my Key-Settings to the DayZ-Preset and tested on another PC but its everytime the same issue and its not direct reproducable :(

only spring with primary weapon.. and than he throws the Weapon away sometimes.



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Me too, i am confused.

Sprinting + weapon in hands (sks) + suddenly stop (block by a fence, wall..) or go prone = auto Throw weapon

Sprint with weapon in hands (sks, cr527) + go prone = 95% effective, to reproduce the bug.

And at the first times to play this ver. of exp (i cant reproduce now) when you are stopped and have the primary weapon (sks, and splitting axe) in hands if you go prone, the character go prone and inmediately go stand up and auto throw the weapon.

Wiffel: I never lost the weapon, you have to look better, if you are on inclined terrain, the gun can roll downhill... provided it do not fall under a pine tree or crosses the floor of a buggy house...

ver: 47.124531

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My workaround for the problem was binding the right mouse button without "hold breath". Maybe something like this will help you guys too.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0014049: Unintentionally throwing

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