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The sound of the wind
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When it is very windy, the sound of it can almost be unbearable to listen to and it ruins the atmosphere. I like the wind as ambient noise, sure, but sometimes its too much. I just want the wind to sound... normal I guess.


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Just listen on a windy day

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This is still here, go in game and and hit esc then click config/sounds and move the effects slider all the way to the left, all sounds go away EXCEPT wind & other ambient sounds such as birds etc. all of which stay at the same loudest volume possible. Please fix it's truly unbearable, and please don't try to tell me I can disable the ambient sounds this is not a fix for shoddy coding...

I have been having the same issue. My wind seems to never really let up and the fact that it is client side and the guy sitting next to me had no wind is not good at all. It has been to the point where I can not even hear my own footsteps in a building and all the other ambient sounds get louder with it. Really needs to be fixed and better make it to server side so everyone hears it to same.