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.45 and 5.56 ammo not spawning
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Can't find .45 or 5.56 ammo anywhere. Started in Novo, went to NWAF, Vybor mil base, Zelengorsk, Green Mountain, Secret Base, Balota and many stops in between, no .45 to be found anywhere, I have found mags for the 1911 that I have been stripping the ammo from but there seem to be no random spawns of boxed or loose .45. Same for 5.56, can only find that if I find a mag for an AK101.


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For all the snipers out there, not talking about stable, this applies to experimental ONLY.

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I can confirm - after a server-reset there was no ammo of that kind. I looted entire dubky 3 times after server-reset and found no .45 or .556

M4 ammo(223) can only be found at chopper crash sites(choppers are not spawning right now) I find 45 ammo everywhere. mist be you....

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Agreeing with what Dawgstyl is saying.

@ dog and miau: The .556-ammo-spawns are on helis only, correct. But the .45 is nowhere in experimental. Are you playing exp or regular ?

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I can confirm that after about 20 hours in .47 I have not found any .45 ammo that is not in a magazine. I've found several magazines for both the 1911 and FNX45. I've found a ton of loose/boxed 7.62 (both types), 9mm, .357, .22, and shotgun ammo.

To me it looks like boxed/loose .45 isn't spawning.

I've seen less .45 ammo in current Stable (0.45) but it is there. Had no problems finding any if I was looking.

Don't see this as a problem in current build.

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I must confirm that. 45 ammo do not spawning anymore.