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Hitboxes on Zeds and autospawn zeds
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Seems like the hit boxes on zeds are unusually small on the experimental servers. The fire axe is pretty much useless, the splitting axe is ok but it is hard to connect for a hit.

I was in the Tent City at Balota and in front of the wooden floored tents that run parallel to the road. A hopper attacked me, I killed it, went into the tent to bandage when another hopper came in to attack me, I killed that one too, went to bandage and right in front of me, exactly where I had killed the first two hoppers another zed spawned, I killed it and ran around the corner to bandage. Another Zed did not spawn at that spot.


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Again, since some can't read, this is about experimental only, not about stable.

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I have seen both points in the description.

I can kill a zombie with a fire axe, but it usually takes a dance that involves several swings before I get one to connect. Center mass seems to be the best aim point right now.

I have also seen zombies re-spawn right on top of me. I was bandaging after a zombie fight yesterday and watched a zombie "pop" into existence right in front of me.

There are already many post about this, they know the melee is broken and I have heard its fixed in the internal build(not sure when this will be pushed out) This isn't the 1st time this has happened and I'm sure it will not be the last(welcome to alpha bitch)

It seems to be worse on 0.48 stable. Zombie instant respawn is a big issue, too.

Gecrap added a subscriber: Gecrap.May 8 2016, 7:09 PM

The hit box issue is present in 0.48 stable. Try hitting a zombie with a machete. Mother of God, I bandaged up 7 times in a single town because I simply couldn't hit the zeds before they hit me.

I agree on the 0.48 stable being worse. It seems to have increased the hit box and the zombie respawn issue. I can't even stand to play right now. Hopefully this will be fixed in the later patches.

I actually saw a zed spawn in a building right next to me before. BURN DOWN HOT TOPIC!